Jonathan Facka is a singer/songwriter based in Richmond, VA. Drawing inspiration from the struggles we all face as we try to make our way in the world, he crafts his stories around everyday life simplicity. Don’t be fooled though — there is nothing simple about the meaning in his songs. These are deftly crafted metaphors chocked full of wit and candor, showing a self awareness far beyond his years. Metaphors aren’t just his forte, they are his arsenal. Sometimes dripping with sarcasm, other times confessions for the girl. Always honest. Always from the heart.

Jonathan just released his first album ’Streetlight in the Woods’ a collection of songs that speaks to a desire to stand out. To be seen and heard. Jonathan says; “We are bombarded every hour of every day with the next trend on social media. If people keep flocking to this thing and that, we’re all gonna drown. So ‘Streetlight’ is about standing out from the crowd, not getting distracted by the things that aren’t really that important. Stop looking for attention and do something that matters”. It’s more than just an expression of how he feels, it’s how he lives his life too. He has a fire inside. Equal parts creative energy and a desire to be un-burdened by past memories. He never got to share his music with his father. In looking to find some inner peace about that relationship, and subsequent loss of it, he tapped a wellspring of emotion and gave us this little gem of a debut album. In the spirit of the album title, the Richmond, VA music scene is growing, and Jonathan is poised to light the way.

Bio Submission: Linwood Boswell